scientific Presentation

Presentation skills establish impact of your work. This course teaches how to present scientific data with clarity and to engage audience with confidence. Through the course, students will also obtain new scientific knowledge. Students will benefit from one-on-one coaching and personalized feedback from instructor.

-Improve speaking and presentation skills

-Improve career potential in the field of science

-Gain real scientific presentation experience

-Benefit from individualized coaching

Scientific Presentation

Class #1

One hour zoom session.

Students will have to prepare for the first class in advance. Instruction will be given at the time of registration.

Class #2

Thirty-minute one-on-one coaching session.

Class #3

Second thirty-minute 1:1 coaching session.

Class #4

One hour zoom class.

One week after the session

Full evaluation and personalized feedback will be provided to each student. Guaranteed that students will be able to see the progress and improve presentation skills just in 4 weeks.

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