manuscript Writing program

Manuscript writing program is for students who want to learn how to write a scientific research manuscript - the same way scientists do at universities and research institutes! Students will learn about the different parts of a scientific journal article, gain experience on interpreting different types of scientific data. The program will teach students how to create scientific data and charts. Students will learn how to properly cite scientific articles and use citation manager programs. The program will also introduce students to the peer review process, which all scientific articles must go through to be published in top journals.

After four classes, each student will pick a scientific topic of their choice to write a scientific manuscript about. Students will have four weeks to write a manuscript by themselves. Students will be given feedback throughout the writing process to help them improve their writing skills. At the end of the program, the best manuscript will be chosen and posted on our website.

Manuscript Writing Program

Class 1 - 4

1.5 hour zoom classes.

Office hours 5 - 8

Office hours by appointment.

Students will have four weeks to work on their manuscript on their own.

One week after the session

Manuscripts will be returned to students with comments and feedback.

Two week after the session

The best manuscript will be posted on the Bioscience Program website.

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